I.J. Sarfeh - Medical Fiction

The Caspian Scrolls

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is desperate to find the documents. Acting on the advice of military intelligence, the Committee recruits Doctor Gordie McKenzie to help them with the search. He is a surgeon, a former Marine, and a cynic. The stated mission? To treat the surgical condition of Reza Molavi, an Iranian dissident protecting the documents. The hidden agenda? To have Molavi, while heavily sedated, reveal the documents’ whereabouts. Before he is smuggled into Iran, McKenzie meets Maureen Grady, an enigmatic travel agent with a personal stake in the mission. Unaware of the documents’ contents, they embark on the quest. Their lives constantly threatened by those who would subvert the mission, Maureen and McKenzie’s journey takes them from Iran’s rain forests to the shores of the Caspian Sea. Their ordeal ends at an estate near Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. There, they discover a canvas bag containing the documents, a letter, and an ornate sword caked in dried blood. Why is the material of such vital importance to U.S. interests? The answer lies within the theme of the story: the mantle of patriotism.

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The Caspian Scrolls