I.J. Sarfeh - Medical Fiction

The Phoenix Incursion



On May 2, 1945, as the Allies stormed into Berlin, one of Hitler’s top henchmen fled from the Chancellery bunker.

Although a lesser bureaucrat during the earlier period of World War II, the henchman’s influence escalated toward the end, when he was the titular second-in-command of the Nazi regime. Goebbels, Himmler, and Göring despised the archetypal behind-the-scenes powerbroker, but they could not thwart his ascendancy. More than anything, he gained power by controlling the Adolf Hitler Endowment, an enormous cache of money gathered through ‘voluntary’ contributions. No one knows how much of that money he transferred to his personal account before his disappearance.

Some believed that a Red Army tank killed him as he and Hitler’s physician, Ludwig Stumpfegger, roamed the war-torn streets of Berlin. But his body was not found, and a world-wide manhunt for him proved fruitless.

Without any conclusive evidence, in April 1973 a West German court officially proclaimed his death.



Soon after the War in Europe ended, countless sightings of the henchman were reported: some in Argentina, some in Paraguay, some in Italy.

And some in western England.

Why was this man, a genius at weaving plots and counterplots, on British soil?



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